The East Lincoln Optimist Club is a voluntary organization of civic-minded men and women banded together for to provide sports programs and activities for Youth in the East Lincoln community in Denver NC.

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2019-2020 ELO Basketball Season

Greetings ELO Families & Friends,

Basketball season is nearly upon us and I wanted to send out a few reminders for the upcoming season and some important dates to remember. This year’s basketball season will kick off early enough so that you dont have to worry about basketball conflicting with Spring sports. Games are scheduled to start the first week of December and will end mid-February.

Registration - begins September 9th and closes October 31st. Please do not hesitate to register so that we may plan for the upcoming season. The cost is $130 for all age groups. No late registrations will be allowed. You must pay within 24 hours of registration or it will be automatically deleted. REGISTER NOW

2019-2020 registration fee - there will once again no longer be a gate fee, a 3rd official has been added to run the clock, 4th official to keep the scorebook, and all uniforms will include shorts. The increased registration cost of $130 will remain in place to cover these costs

Carpool and Sibling requests - Only sibling same team requests are guaranteed. Friend/carpool requests are not guaranteed, but you may submit them via email. We will not be able to accommodate every single one of them.

Practice - Teams will practice 1 hour per week in the evening Monday through Friday. Practice locations this season are Rock Springs Elementary, St. James Elementary, Webbs Chapel UMC, and Lincoln Charter School. Please do not request a practice location or time, they will be assigned based on availability after teams are drafted.

Leagues - In order to combine the appropriate age groups and provide enough practice facilities, there will be no programs open to 2nd graders or high school boys. Both YMCA and Wesport Baptist Upwards offers rec basketball to 2nd graders. This season will offer the following leagues:

3rd-4th grade boys

3rd-5th grade girls

5th-6th grade boys

6th-10th grade girls

7th-8th grade boys

Interested in Coaching?? - The coach's application will open on August 25th and run through the conclusion of the draft. Volunteers are what makes this league so successful. Please step up. No coaches means no basketball program.

Tentative Schedule

Assessments - November 4th-5th

Draft - November 6th-8th

Practice Begins - Week 3 November

First Games - Week 1 December

Final Games - Mid February



Magic - 3rd-4th Grade Girls Champions - 2018-2019



Comets - 3rd-5th Grade Girls Champions - 2018-2019



Seminoles - 5th-6th Grade Boys Champions - 2018-2019



Sting - 6th-12th Grade Girls Champions - 2019-2019



76ers - 7th-9th Grade Boys Champions - 2018-2019



Sol - 6-12 Grade Girls - 2018-2019



Cardinals - 5th-6th Grade Boys  - 2018-2019